3 juli 2012


After 10 hours of train riding and bussing we finally arrived Chamonix late this evening. On the map it seems so close from Soglio to Chamonix, but what really needs to happend is to cross a country (Switzerland) to get here. Hauling our luggage through the town up to one of our favorite hotel here, Hotel Richemond right in the center we crashed and had a big yard sale on the room. Tomorrow is of and we have planed for a play day in the mountains with climbing. Let's cross our fingers for great warm and sunny weather. I also have in mind that I will have a few hours when we get back down for training, hopefully both swimming and running.
This morning before taking of from Soglio I received an email from my dear friend Peder. He was kind enough to join Jonas and I for our frist and probably only ÖtillÖ training session together some weeks ago on Sandhamn. It was 9 celsius in the water and the sixth time Jonas & I ever meet. Two of does six we been racing the island to island race! Peder took some great pictures from the boat when he was following us. Thanks for the Great pics!


Jonas & I, people looking at us from the sailing boat as we are nuts... And maybe we are. 

I'm taking a big breath in the freezing water.

Jonas & I about to get wet...

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