25 januari 2012

Today, Grand Monte!

Some pictures from Grand Monte and Sara skiing powder today. The funny thing is that her clothes from Elevenate is called Le Lavancher (the model), and gues where we are skiing. Just that run, Le Lavancher on Grand Monte, a classic run in Chamonix valley. This are taken late in the afternoon too so it means that no one else were here. That made us happy! Tomorrow she is leaving and I'm left by my self here for another three days before I meet up with Keni and Peter in La Grave on sunday!

Powder and some of the best turns today!


Elevenate, model Le Lavancher. On the sign you'll see the same name, Le Lavancher.

Taken from our room in Chamonix and hotel Richemond!

Nice position, spray and backdrop!

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