1 januari 2012


Happy New Year! I wishes all of you the best for this upcoming year! Right now a lot of preparation for a big party goes on in side the house, 2 hours from now a lot of people are expected. But for me, I'm aiming for another night tour and to celebrate the New Year on top of a mountain with great friends! I hope to get some nice pictures that I can show you all later. Hopefully the moon light will help us tonight, it's cristal clear for the moment so it looks promising. First some workout, a nice shower, fancy clothes, tasty dinner, live music, lot's of people and than finally click in to my bindings, hear the wind, your skis dragging against the cold snow, skinning through the dark and get closer and closer to the stars. At the top give your best friends a big Hug, have a zip of natural water touching our tongues with an amazing view surrounded by mounatins. Finishing of with a great ski back down.

The day started with a broken arm.


Great live band at the house.

New Year Skin in the moonlight.

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