27 januari 2012

A day by my self.

I had a day by myself when Sara left yesterday morning and I did some skiing. Great weather made it possible for my to do some run I been looking at during the week I been here. Today when I woke up it was rainy and the valley was coverd in fog so I decided to have a calm day with some rest, easy running and some strength, core and upperbody. Lot of thoughts have gone through my head and mind while doing this. It's interesting how you get to know your self in another way when you just spend time with just yourself. I saw a sentence some days ago that been spinning around within me since than; it said: "The one how follows the crowd will uaually get no further than the crowd. The one who walkes alone, is likley to find himself in places no one have ever been." I'm still thinking of this, that it take and needs a lot of courage to walk the path.  Courage can be hard, it requiers a lot from you as a person, you have to be in a exclusive mode, where you feel good and happy within yourself. You have to face it and live with it in saticfaction, the person you are. That's hard but what I think and believe in roght now. It's a process that continues through the rest of everyones life. I know that much, that you are not alone thinking this thoughts. Tomorrow I hope to ski some powder up high, hopefully in Champex-Lac with Mike. It's snowing up high and raining down low. It feels like tree skiing is coming up around the corner. Fist a good night sleep!

First run yesterday, don't know the name but it was a shit show on the top when I entered the colouiar, because you can see the top of it from the ski area. So people almost lost their mind when I entered. It might be 45 degree at the top and levels out further down.

Second run yesterday, the E.N.S.A. colouiar from top of Brevent. Good north facing slope with cold snow.

Chamonix and Le Arve valley. E.N.S.A. ends down in the avalanche path in the lower left corner. I'm at the top of the run when I'm taking this picture. This is a classic run from Brevent. Just below the sun you see the top of Mont Blanc, central europes highest summit, 4810 meter above sea level. (14430 feet)

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