27 december 2011

US Santa

Yesterday we had American Christmas. As you might know  Europe celebrate on the Dec 24 and America on Dec 25. This is so Santa have time to visit all people around the world =) It was a big morning for all kids with a bunch of presents. I did it my own way, after dinner I collect my ski gear and went out for a night tour up on Bald Mountain here in Tellurie. 20 minutes to midnight I reached the summit after a 2 hours and 15 min skin through the ski area. The starts was amazing, we had cero moon light so the stars was poking my eyes. It was a cristal clear night and really cold with a soft side wind. On my way down I used my monster to headlamp that lit up my whole field of sight. Great and amazing beautiful veiws. Today I was Cross Country- or actully Skate skiing after I was done skiing downhill. So much fun, me and a friend just went out for 30-40 minutes in the sunset down in Telluride town park. I took this last picture driving out of town, don't be foold if looking careful at the picture and you don't see any snow. That's main street and they do a great job maintain it clear through almost the whole winter. 

Santa was here!

Topp of Baldi, getting ready to ski down.

Telluride buy late afternoon/night, in the background you can see Ajax.

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