16 december 2011

First day in Telluride!

Here is some pictures from my first day in Telluride. We skied Centerline and Swampcanyon in Vally X. This are two separate runs, both with one hour or slightly longer skin. It starts at 3000 meter and reach up to around 4000 meters. Fisrt run I did with Mike in Centerline and then he had to leave for some errands so I joined up with Daniel and took a second run in Swampvally, that was deep! =) Later same evening me and Daniel went ice climbing for 2,5 hours.

Mike get some nice turns. Love the shadow!

Okey, it was deep the first run two.

You have to ski close to me went I use this lens was my word to Mike, and he did!

Daniel milk some powder on top of Swampvally. Clodes came in and the light for taking more picture was pointless. So you just have to trust me, it was good! =)

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