18 december 2011

San Jaquin Chute from Vally X

We where a crew of 10 people and one dog skining up from Vally X early yesterday morning. It become to be a long day out in the feld and, 10 people through San Jaquin chute this early in the season means not a load snow, especaly not that stick to the rock. So as the 6 person down it was more mountenering than skiing. But I succssed to pull out my camera and take some pictures and the run got to be a well needed mind reminder.

He is my dealer!!! =)

On top of the chute!

In the chute, it dosen't look steep but were I'm standing it's good 50 degree.

Once your down you got to enjoy the warm sun.

Coming out from the chute it opens up and you can do GS turn. 

Willi, Wiii!

Willi getting some soft turns.

The snow looks like fire.

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