29 december 2011

More ice!

Yesturday Daniel and I went out for some more ice climbing after he was done working. The ice was varied, we could find everything from nice hooks to wet sticky ice to hard cold and weak ice. Felt really good to be back out, with a stronger body and better technique. I was most happy about my way of thinking. I trusted myself at all times and I never doubted myself. I also got a matching christmas present from Daniel, a book about how to manages fear specificly when climbing. But that could also be used at any other time. We might not have the best snow right now but the ice is for sure world class at this moment. UPS arrived with some new running shoes when I got back home today, New Balance minimus. They are so light, no extra heavy material with a low sole so you don't sprain your ankles.Yes, I look forward taking them out for a run. Today, however, I content myself with an intense cross fit workout on my room.

Daniel coming up solo climbing, or self belaying.


When making a knot on the rope you have to use the whole body.

Putting on his glove. And yes, I have a great headlamp from the Swedish company Silva. 

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