25 december 2011


I hope all of you got what you wished for from Santa. He brought me a brand new pair of ski from Wagner Custom. I skied them today and for the fist time I felt solid and like a pretty good skier =) You know that if you sharpend your edges time to time the ski actually grip on the snow and ice. And you know what, if you give your skis some food (wax) now and then you can ski away from everybody! Try it, it's a nice feeling! It's Christmas evening and I found some old pictures on my computer and dreaming back and once again realise what's worth living for, all you good friends, the one I already have and all of you that I will get the honor to meet in the future! And all the amazing and wonderful things we get to experience together. You are the best gift I have ever been given!

Thanx Pete Wagner! 

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