1 december 2011

I was running yesterday, a trail called "reflex track". It work this way, they put up reflectors along the trail and when you run with a headlamp in the darkness the reflectors reflect so you can see exactley where to run. It's specaly beautiful when it's snow everywhere on the ground, on the trees and the air is all crispy. What I didn't thought about was that this new fresh thin layer of snow that we got last night cover all reflectors and you lose track of where you are easy... So I was free running in the forest for little more than one hour. This is pure freedom for me, it's completley silent, so calm and you just fight against your own thoughts. Running on the line of giving up, but the curiosity of what's around the next corner motivate me run through most pain. This is a constant fight between your mind and your body. You are tyerd, it's slippery and you don't know how much futher you have to go, you jus know that you have to keep on going. Not because you have to, because you what to. To see how and what you can achieve, maybe for someone else but hopefully for your self. This process can be refered to most things in life is my beleive.
More yesterday I planed next week, when me and two other instructors will lead a level 2 ski instructor course in Vemdalen. Hopefully we get some more cold weather and loads of snow in near future. Right now, here in Östersund they hold the season premier for Biathlon World Cup. Check it out!

Here you can see a poor picture of the hill/slope where we are running up and down. The lake infront is Storsjön.

Moon light!

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