22 juni 2012


Welcome to join me on this One Year Anniversary of my blog! I'm back in Corvara guiding where it all started one year ago. First I like to apologize for weeks without updates, not even a singel note. So to make it up I picked out a numbers of photos from last 6 weeks. Because you might have actually thought that "The Never Ending Tour" ended, but it didn't. It's been as active as usual and lost have things have happend. The pictures will tell the story.   

Changing tiers on the car on our way to Tunaberg and our climbing course.  

Golden sunset from Grönskärs light house.

Nice austrian pasture. 

Meditative and very relaxing!

I love swimming and when you take a breath you just see mountains surrounding you. 

After a swim...

Beautiful evening light on the church.

Why can just Italien people do proper Panini and Ice cream?

Electric boat motors, when will they do this w. 300 horse powers.

Wood carving above the beautiful town of Völs.

Climbing course with Jesper (to the left) and Stefan (to the right).

Weeeee goats, eating green gras on the alp meadows. Getting ready to produce amazing goat cheese!   

Seiser Alm

Daniel showing how much longer it is to next Italian coffe!

Midsommar blommor! 

Dolomites, Plattkoffel and Longkoffel in the far distance!

In between Plattkoffel and Longkoffel!

Flatt tier on our way to Tunaberg and climbing course.

Need a big camp fire at night, that calms you down!

Linus in a magic sunset out somewhere in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Playground for our climbing course.

Peder coming through a tight passage happier than ever!

Inside the old but SUPER COZY fisherman shed.

Linus enjoying every second!

More sunset on Sandhamn!


Stockholm Archipelago!

More glowing houses!

Summer is finally reaching out into the Sthlm Archipelago.

Campsite Tunaberg!



Lofoten and torrfisk!

Reine on the souther island of Lofoten!

Some activities you can do here! 

Midnight sun, 02.45 in the morning!

Nusfjord, Lofoten!

Just amazing!

There wasa pier here...

Look at the mountains the shoots up 1000 meters from sea level!


Henningsvaer, lot's of climbing.

Henningsvaer, Lofoten!



Sea kayaking in Lofoten.

Great contrasts. 




Skiing 30 cm of powder LAST of May.

Going for the sauna. 

The Baltic quine 

Jonas, my ÖtillÖ partner came to visit me. This is on top of Grönskärs light house. We have now started our serious and hard training for Island to Island on september 3. Follow our journey on my blog and support our way there! www.otillo.se 

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