27 juni 2012

Back in Engadine

As of yesterday I spent the whole day traveling, from Austria to Switzerland. Many of you who knows the area would think this don't take a day and so did I. But I was wrong, 9 hours I arrived Scuol, close to both the Italian and Austrian border but still in the Süd Tyrol. Today we hiked from Scuol to Guarda,  took us a couple of hours and when we got to our hotel I went for one hours of running!

So lot of people wonder how I stay in such good shape even when I'm of training. And it's a great question to ask. What I do is staying active through what I chose to work with. Because that's what I do, I just work with things that I can support and love doing. For exemple, in he morning today I woke up. Had a great breakfast, fantastic Müsli and some salmon. At ten a'clock we started to hike until 4 pm (16.00) for 20 km up and down in the mountains. I had one hour of rest before I went out running for 60 min, uphill intervals backtracking the trail we came in on to Guarda. Now I just push the button repet for tomorrow and it will be simular to today =) I also do push ups, core straight and lower back training everyday at lest one time a day. 

Tomorrow we're heading up valley towards my favorit part of the Engadine valley.

Me traveling w. everything I own basically, to big bags and my back pack. I had to change from train to train to bus five times before I reach my final destination, Scuol in Engadine. 

The sign told me I was on the right way! Ritzy St: Moritz! 

Great window decoration.

Hiking along beautiful and flowery hillsides!

The Shepard keeping track of all the sheep. Awesome backdrop and still plenty of sone covering the mountain after one of the best winter season this area have seen in many many years!

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