23 juni 2012

Glad Midsommar!

As Swedish Midsummer as it can be in the Italien Alps, Dolomites. We're staying in a 4 star hotel in the little town of Corvara, in the center of Dolomite Superskis. But we are not skiing this time, we're here to hike from west to est in the Dolomites with people coming from all over the world. La Perla is the hotel we been in last two days, the best hotel I have ever stayed in. Everything is so well set up and I can't enough tell you how great it is if you haven't been here you're self. As of today we spent 5-6 hours hiking, 2,5 hours on the climbing wall training fall technic and finally finished of the day with a One Star Michelin Restaurant 5 course dinner, Cheers!

Lunch pic nick on the high alpine alm. 

There are several dinning room and each of them have their own theme.

Dinner was amazing, Sallad buffe followed by Smoked Salmon and Trout, Gnocchi and Kantarells, Fish and chip Italien way. Finally some Italien vanilla Gelato with Strawberries. Pretty Swedish after all. 

The meny! 

Sella Gruppo! 

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