2 september 2011

More to come

This is how my blog will be, sometimes it will be updated frequently and sometimes less often, but please, be patient with this and look in from time to time! To fall into patterns, especially regarding to always have to be available at all times, is today taken for granted in society. I think instead of that, to be active should be obvious, to live out and dare to live your own dreams even if it does not follow the remaining amount of the population is something extra. 
Now, after had that said, I just wanted to tell you about two different storys that we went through recent weeks:Keni and I got a few days off and decided to climb Piz Käsch, near Zuoz in the Engadine valley, Switzerland. After our delicious dinner in our Hut, we quickly fell to sleep by the roar from some Germans guys singing in the dining room. 05:30 rang the alarm clock, Milow did get to sleep in this morning and insted we woke up to the beep from our watches. That led us instant to sneak down to breakfast. Half an hour later we were on the trail, aming for the instep to the Needle of Es-Cha and the traves that would led us to the top of Piz Käsch. After reading the guide book and realized that we were short on gear, we still decided to make an atempt. With a 30 meter rope and a few loops we flew up along the mountain side, a faulty in my navigation forced us back to try finding the right route again. Which later led us right up to the top. A animalistic Highme screaming made the top completele. More travesing on towards Piz Käsch. 1.5 hours later along the ridge we stood on the Piz Käsch, lunch. A Long decent, almost 5 hours of varied terrain, glaciers (37 degrees that day made it melt quickly and large amounts of water flowed down over the glacier), moraine ridges, trails and asfalt took us down to the cute little town of Bergün. A successful day like this were celebrated with a pizza and a Rösti at our hotel.After almost 3 weeks with between 32 and 37 degrees celsius, we would our third last day hike a easy and panoramic long traverse above St. Moritz with our guests. Day started with pouring rain, it poured down! Our umbrellas, well spent 10 Swiss francs saved us that morning, A nice group of marchers umbrellas plowed through the forest up towards the tree line. The rain subsided and the wind came up, hail bounced when they hit our clothes and smiling lips widened when the lunch hut appeared. Warm again inside, we withness when winter knocked on the threshold to Europe through the window. Big beautiful snowflakes were plummeting towards the ground and I could nothing but long for the winter. The lunch conversation came to be about skiing in the finest form, one after another told of his and hers best powder run from the previous season. When we step out the door after lunch the cloud started to break up and the sun pushed in our faces throughout the afternoon.The wind calmed down and we were enjoying the heat. Well done everyone, see you at dinner 7.30 pm was my last words befor I took of running up to our hotel room to get my wetsuit, to throw on the right equipment for a swim and run training. 2 hours later I come back, wet and cold after a long swim in the Sils Lac (Lake Sils Maria) and a short run, enough time to take a shower before dinner.

Piz Roseg

Es-Cha hut and Neddle Es-cha to the left

Great climb!

Summit Neddle Es-Cha

Wet glacier

Sils Maria in between the lakes

More informatin about Jonas and my race on monday sept. 5 (ÖtillÖ) will be posted shortley, with our preparations and strategy for the race!

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