25 september 2011


Late september and I expect it to be cold and rainy. You know, as a Swede summer is over way long ago and our fall storms are shifting one after another. I can´t understand way anyone haven´t ever, not any Swede, or friend or anyone ealse for that matter told me that you can fly down to the Mediterranean Sea for no cost? Just pick your choice, France, Italy or somewere along this long and big coast.
Imagien this, could the wather temperature really be 24 celcius, 30 in the air? Could we really find great super friction lime stone for climbing, emptey beaches, great biking trails and no people this late in september and october? And upon all this, eat fantastic Italian past with amazing sea food, have a "kick butt" ice cream after a refreshing swim in the mediterranean sea and last but not least, sleep on the balkony! No, ofcourse not! Lets take me as an exemple. I´m used to drive a RIB-boat in Stockholm Archipelago this time a year and freez my butt of, with rain hammering my face like getting free skin lifting. By everyday, hour and minute it´s getting darker and darker. By this time a year I have had my long johns on since weeks back and walk around with my neck all cuddled up way down in my jacket.

You know, this was my world and reality just until a week ago when  it got to be my turn, my chance and drive down to the Italian cost and Finale Ligure. Than cross the contry of Italy to spend some days at Lake Garda and the town of Arco before starting of work again up in Austria and Bad Goisern. So when this train past the platfrom, and my chance to experience the Mediterranean I leapt on without hesitation. For those of you, like myself for less than a week ago, don´t know what this places are famuse for, let me tell you! Climbing, warm wather and hot nice weather, no people at this time a year, good food and ice cream, and lots of different sport activitys to do.

Lake Garda, sunset at 7.30 pm sept 20.
Dose this sound familiar? I thought so.

As for me I didn´t know a thing what to expext. But I know more now! Please get out there and explore the planet, there are so many beautiful places to visit and see, kulture and people to know! This note I found on a door to a cool and funky bar in Bad Goisern. It´s will end this inlay and it say something like this in German.


I will let the pictures tell you the rest, one picture tells more than a 1000 word. Isn´t that a Swidish saying? ;)

Repeling down along wild gowing hearbs before reaching the wather.

Yes, the wather is that blue! That´s way it´s called the blue sea.

Blue sky, blue climber, blue wather.

Final pitch, with a great view over Finale Ligure from the topp.

Five  o'clock in the afternoon we did a 5 pitch long travers that took 2,5 hours along the Mediterranean Sea. 

Summer again, happy! =)

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