4 september 2011

Night Before!

Sitting in our hotel room now prepering and picking up our gear. This is our manditory for the race: First aid, wetsuite, vissel, maps, mapholder, compass. Jonas and I have starting number 53, Lag Sandhamn. We were out earlier today for a last swim, 10 m/s headwind and that´s the forcast for tomorrow. We have two competitive swimming tomorrow, first in the morning to Vindalsö and in the middle of the race, between Mörtö and Mörtö Bunsö. Right now it´s hard to say what to expect, but we know it will hurt. We are both really excited and hope to finish under 11 hours. That would place us around top 10. Our main goal is to have a Lot of Fun and enjoy the beatiful scenery of Stockholm Archepelago! To be a part of the race follow us live at www.otillo.se. They will update pictures and movies through out the day! I will update pictures after the race! Have a great day, because that´s what we will have, A Blast!

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