2 september 2011

2 days left

Today, 2 days befor the race I had a 20 min swim in the baltic sea along the course after breakfast. Water tempature is great, it´s still warm, around 17 celcius (63 F). This is to concider luxury for me, I`m used to glacier water that are freezing cold! I felt good, nice to be back in the water. Right now the forecast predict to be sunny, warm and really really windy on race day! 10-11 meter per second headwind. Not piece of cake but lots of fun. That suites me when it´s tuff and hard. Tomorrow I meet up with my partner Jonas, I really look forward to it!
Todays swim!
A lot of Jellyfish were my company, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT, might have seen around 400 just this short swim! 

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