17 september 2011

Back in Chamonix!

I`m back in Chamonix. After 3 days of hiking on the Italian side of Mont Blanc with a Swedish company. We had great hot weather, (25 celcius) one night at the Bonatti hut 2063 m and one night at the Torino hut, 3375 m above sea level. I got a lot of new experience how big groups can behave in varied situations. How altitude sickness, with it´s basic fact to expand on higher elevation effect people. But also as a mental aspect, how that can put some people in really hazardous positions. How fear can make you lose track of time and reality and lead you in to absurd and unreasonable thinking patterns. Finally your on the edge to where you can hurt yourself our others. That brings us to an interesting subject, about fear and how we create it ourselfs through our way of thinking. And how we handle and direct our thoughts in a way that either HELP us or steer us in to a negative movement/pattern! What are you afraid of and how did you create that? What was you first, second and third though (and so on) the finally lead you there, to where you are scared? Be curious, play around and discover yourself!

Tomorrow I head back to Italy and Como. I will meet up with Daniel for some climbing and more work in Austria.

This is the Mont Blanc massif from the Italian side, taken from the Bonatti hut next after 10.00 pm.  The white peak to the left is Mont Blanc, 4808 m above sea level. The closer one that looks bigger is Grandes Jorasses. Below you have the beautiful vally, Val Ferret with my favorite village around Mont Blanc, Lavachey!

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