9 oktober 2011


I was riding a taxi in to Stockholm someday ago with two clients. We talk and had great conversation about everything, among their activity they just finished with Fredrik and me. We got deeper and deeper in to a conversation about valuations in our life and our fear of being outstanding best and professionals in what we do. But above that we got closer and deeper into what we refer and call Inspiration!
One of the two asked me, -Staffan, what inspire you? I’m curious she said. What inspire you when you inspire us so much? That question nailed it self in my mind and it inspired me to write this inlay. I took a quick thought about it and answered;
-       A person that inspire me are a person who has the courage to step outside “the normal box” and try something new that haven’t been done before or been done buy someone else before. But not buy you. That way she/he moved one until than invisible limit/line for what she/he thought was normal or impossible.  It’s not particular the act it self that impress me, more the process before that goes on within that persons mind. The dedication, courage’s and mind set, where you have to bee mentally to perform that act. Those people make me curious and inspire me! (And that could easily be you!) You just have to do something that is outside MY box of what’s normal. We are all already different from etch other, be brave and take another step into the unknown and just not be different, but become crazy in others eyes!
-       The other thing that inspire me is when people are really Really good at something and are proud of it but still humble. This might seem close to what I just talked about but not for me. Because some people are professionals without knowing why and how they got there. And most likely of all, they don’t think they are really good or professionals because they are afraid of not being “normal”.  Instead take your strength and make them even stronger, develop what’s already good to become splendid! It inspire me a lot to see people live their full potential! 

Me taking a bath in a cold (2 degree Celsius) mountain lake just above Allaghe in Dolomites, Italy. Such an easy thing as me taking a swim here got people to lift their eyebrow and believe they could do it to. And Yes, of course they could! They just didn't think about it as an option. Notice the snow in the far end of the lake reaching down into the water.

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