29 juni 2011

Arrivederci Dolomiti


Milano trainstation

Ken & Me
After three great weeks in Italia we are now leaving the Dolomites behind for Switzerland. I have some days of before I start working again in Chamonix. I will spend my time of running through Central Switzerland, about 100 km in two and a half days. Just traveling light with my backpack.  I look forward to exploring as many new wonderful valleys, people and views as possible in central alps. 

25 juni 2011

Lago del Sorapis

Lago del Sorapis with Dito di Dio

My fanclub are sharing and taking photos!

Took a quick opportunity for a cold swim in this beautiful mountain lake during the esspresso break. Talk about high altitude training, 1950 meters (5850 feet) above sea level. Luckily the rock peak of Dito di Dio (Finger of God) was watching over me.

23 juni 2011

Everyone climb their own mountain

Our first days of provided the best weather since our arrival two weeks ago. Kenny and me took advantage of the good weather and bagged two fantastic summits in the Dolomites, Ponta Sud and Tofana di Roces. Both peaks have fixed routes that lead to the summits. Relics of the First World War, this climbing path allows freaky fast accents through exposed areas and steep terrain. Originally unique to the Dolomites but now you can find them all over the Alps. We pulled of two of the biggest, steepest, greatest and most famous Via Ferratas in the Dolomites.
 The Lipella had it all, starts with a 100-meter long dark tunnel, (also a memory from the war) then traverses along unbelievable airy ledges in alpine terrain. We opened the route this year and were the first people to summit from the north/east side. Tons of snow on the north side for our decent gave us some great ideas for the potential of having amazing couloirs camps here in the Dolomites.
 Now we are heading back out there, this time hiking from the north to the south. Starting in San Candido and finishing at Alleghe. A five day trip traveling through the heart of the Dolomites.

18 juni 2011

The premier blog

This is the premier blog and I´m now five days in a six day long hike through the Italian Dolomites. Our final destination is Cortina witch we will reach tomorrow. The pictures you see are taken above Völser/Fié on our first day, this two little lakes served their purpose and I got some great traning in for ÖtillÖ, 1100 meter above sea level.